Our Containers

Vista Paper provides containers that vary in size depending on your needs. The paper containers vary from 3 yard to 4 yard. The containers can come with plastic or metal lids. The dimensions of the containers are as follows:

6 yard

6’ (w) x 5’ (d) x 6’ (t) (used for cardboard)

4 yard

6’ (w) x 5’ (d) x 4’ (t) (used for paper)

3 yard

6’ (w) x 4’ (d) x 4’ (t) (used for paper or plastic)

2 yard

6’ (w) x 4’ (d) x 4’ (t) (used for aluminum)

The containers for paper, plastic, and aluminum have front loading chutes for you to easily load the material into the container. The cardboard bin is an open container for easy access.


Vista Paper leases vertical balers. We have Marathon, PTR and Cramalot. All our balers are 60". Call for our availability.